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About the Brockton Symphony Orchestra

About the BrSO | Musicians | Past Seasons | Board & Staff

James M. Orent, Music Director | Emilian Badea, Assistant Conductor

Board of Directors

Torben Hansen, Co-Chair

Susan Caplan, Co-Chair

Lorrie Hassan, Vice Chair

Maureen Jardin, Secretary

Tom Williams, Treasurer


Carolyn Baughman
George Cataldo
Paul Engle
Mark Finklestein, M.D.
Maxine Frutkoff
Karen Grant
Ted Hague
Melanie Hayn

Dr. Irene KelleySusan Kenney
Amy Korim
Carolyn LaMarre, Esq.
Jeffrey Lichenstein
Joan Lichenstein
Erik Lindgren
Marcia Lindsay

Christine Nicholas
Bruce Pyne
Carol Rankin
Dr. Donald Running
Alexander Rysman
Harry Williams, III
Robert Wisgirda
Virginia Yafrate

Concert Manager

Branden Quental

Classical Staff handing out programs

Classical Staff

The BrSO Classical Staff is a dedicated group of music lovers who assist with hospitality and fundraising activities at our concerts. We are always looking for new volunteers to join the Classical Staff and the BrSO family! The Classical Staff work together to manage ticket sales, silent auctions, after-concert receptions, special events, and more.

If you are interesting in joining the Classical Staff, please call our office at (508) 588-3841 or email us at brocktonsymphony1@gmail.com

Classical Staff

Current Members
Joy Titus - Chair
Phyllis Bernard
Harvey Cohen
Edila Decoliviera
Anne DeLuca
Beth Eaton
Paula Gaffin
Phyllis Hewson
Rose Mattos
Gail Menees
Susan Merow
Rita Prochaska
Bruce Pyne
Claire Rosen
Ruth Saffron
Vivian Senatore
Sheila Sharad
Margaret Shelley
Billy Singleton
Martha Testa
Betty Wisgirda