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BrSO March Concert

Thanks to everyone who attended our March 1st Viva Scandinavia! Concert, to our wonderful concertmistress, Kristina Nilsson, and the dancers from the Matta Dance Academy! Mark your calendars for our next concert on May 3rd, Rule Brittania!

Rule Britannia

Sunday, May 3, 2015 at 3:00 p.m.

West Middle School, Brockton

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Savor the British Isles’ majesty with Walton’s classic Crown Imperial March; Mendelssohn’s Hebrides (aka Fingal’s Cave) Overture; Vaughan Williams’ virtuosic Tuba Concerto featuring Boston Symphony Principal Tubist, Mike W. Roylance; Williams’ magnificent Suite from the Nicole Kidman/Tom Cruise movie Far and Away; and Parry’s quintessentially British Symphony No. 3 in C Major, “The English.”

Mike W. Roylance
Mike W. Roylance,

Walton - Crown Imperial March
Mendelssohn - Hebrides (aka Fingal's Cave) Overture
Vaughan Williams - Tuba Concerto
Mike W. Roylance
Principal Tuba, Boston Symphony Orchestra
John Williams - Suite from the Nicole Kidman/Tom Cruise movie Far and Away
Parry - Symphony No. 3 in C Major, "The English"