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Shalun Li

Shalun Li, piano

Chinese-born pianist Shalun Li is currently pursuing a Graduate Diploma at New England Conservatory in Boston as a student of Vivian Weilerstein and Cameron Stowe. He received his Master of Music and Bachelor of Music at New England Conservatory as a student of Meng-Chieh Liu.

With equal parts discipline, drive and passion, Li has built a deep appreciation for the rigorous, high-level technical skills involved in piano. That, combined with his profound love for emotionally-driven storytelling through music, underpins an illustrious career for the young but already distinguished pianist.

In 2018, Li created his own 'Multi-Art' exhibition series, which combined his passion for music, painting and poetry, essentially creating a unique, cross- disciplinary art experience. The exhibition series broke new ground and is being critically praised for its innovation as a new medium of artistic expression.

Fast forward to the summer of 2022, Li received fellowship of Tanglewood Music Festival, where he had the opportunity to work and perform with many of the world's leading musicians.

Shalun Li's notable accomplishments to date include:

  • First Prize in the 16th US Open Music Competition
  • First Prize in the Japanese Nation Piano Competition
  • Third Prize in the 21st Chopin International Piano Competition ASIA
  • First Honor Prize in the 4th Asia Toyama Teenager Piano Competition
  • First Prize in the 4th Wiesbaden Piano Competition, South China Division